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Koalas having an argument.

if you have never heard a koala noise before, here is yr chance

they sound like fuzzy bike horns

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On July 17th 2014 my father in law, who is a part time trucker,  was in northern Ohio getting ready to sleep in the bed in the cab of his truck. After laying down in bed he heard some shaking noises in the trailer of his truck. He proceeded to call 911 to alert them and then heard someone jiggling the handle to the cab. Suddenly, a bullet shot through the drivers side window. (We later found out that there was metal in his eyebrow from said bullet.) He jumped out of the passenger door only to be met by 2 other men armed with knives. All together there were four men who proceeded to assault and maim my Father in Law. His injuries included a large gash to the stomach that required glue and 28 stitches, a stab wound to his arm that required 10 stitches, PTSD, and most recently seizures.

They haven’t found the four men who did it and from the forum it seems like many recent crimes around there have gone unsolved.

Pretty shitty right? 

Well guess what? That’s not even the worst of it.

Sunday, August 14th, 2014, was FIL and MIL anniversary and the day my fiance had to go back to work until at least Thanksgiving. That morning we were all woken up to pounding on the door and my 16 year old sister in law answered to police claiming they had a warrant for my father in laws arrest. We were, and still are, in shock.

The police are claiming that he faked his entire assault including stabbing himself multiple times. We think it’s because he brought up the fact that no recent crimes had been solved in the town. As a result of my FIL being in jail we are lacking funds. He had been out of work because of his injuries and seizures and my MIL has POTS which makes it extremely difficult to carry on with every day tasks and nearly impossible to hold a job because there is such little understanding. Our land owner who were basically renting to own from is threatening us to kick us out. 


I will make you anything you desire for a donation. 

My beanies are $7 or 3 for $20 

My pot holders are 2 for 10

Skirts are $12 for infants and $20 for adults 

Aprons start at $50 and I’m trying to figure out how to make infant dresses.

Shipping is generally $5.

ANY donations are so appreciated. 

We all have clothes and food etc and if I get hate whatever I don’t care I just need help so bad. We don’t have cable and have the cheapest internet. We’ve sold cars and guns and have a truck that we cant fix yet. We’re just trying to keep a roof over our head so we don’t have to move. Were supposed to be getting a settlement but that could take up to a year for any money to come in from it. 

I am literally begging for help. Even if you can’t at least do me the favor of reblogging.

Also if you know me on FB don’t post this. It cannot be there yet because of our land lord. 

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My dad used to be a long haul truck driver. It’s so dangerous, you have no idea. I can’t afford to buy anything so I’m reblogging and hoping my followers on my mod blog will boost because my dad knows what it’s like to have to deal with crooks trying to rob him in the middle of the night. Luckily he’s never been attacked to this extent. Sending prayers and good vibes!

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Gay pride flagimage

Transgender flagimage

Asexuality flagimage

Pansexuality flagimage

Bisexuality Flagimage


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stop sexualizing hentai


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scientifically accurate list of best beds on earth


  1. top of a bunk bed
  2. racecar bed
  3. a bed thats actually just a huge beanbag
  4. a bed shaped like a circle but also its covered in 100 dollar bills
  5. nest (birds only)
  6. display beds in furniture stores
  7. this image
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This has been a psa about Aesthetic Attraction by me

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